Simulation of a helicopter’s main gearbox semiactive suspension with bond graphs

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dc.description.abstract This paper presents a bond graph model of a helicopter’s semiactive suspension and the associated simulations. The structural and modular approach proposed with bond graph permits a systematic modeling of mechatronic multibody systems. This approach was carried out thanks to the use of the singular perturbation method, which is a variant of penalty formulation. The model is then built as an assembly of components or modules (rigid bodies and compliant kinematic joints) by following the structure of the actual system.

The bond graph model of the passive suspension with fixed flapping masses has been verified with another multibody tool for three different excitations (pumping, roll, and yaw). Next, the passive model, augmented with electrical actuators and controllers, is called the semiactive suspension model. Simulations on the semiactive suspension model have been conducted.
dc.description.sponsorship Chaire "dynamique des systèmes complexes" - Fondation EADS
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dc.subject Multibody systems (MBS) Closed kinematic chain (CKC) Bond graph (BG) Helicopter Mechanical vibrations 20-sim en
dc.title Simulation of a helicopter’s main gearbox semiactive suspension with bond graphs en hal-01430117 *
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ensam.journal Multibody System Dynamics
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