Color-difference assessment and enhancement for driving headlight simulation

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  133641 Technocentre Renault [Guyancourt]
  40831 Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction [L3I] MICHELIN, Sylvain
  40831 Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction [L3I] LABORIE, Baptiste
  534188 OKTAL [OKTAL] KEMENY, Andras
  133641 Technocentre Renault [Guyancourt]
  175453 Arts et Métiers ParisTech 2018-05-09T14:07:46Z 2018-05-09T14:07:46Z 2016 2018-04-29T14:36:30Z
dc.identifier.issn 1741-3133
dc.description.abstract Real-time headlight simulation in driving conditions is used by most car manufacturers to assure the quality, cost, and delivery of headlight engineering design. An important parameter judged by the headlight assessment team is color restitution; indeed, this parameter has to meet the standard of “lamps for road vehicles.” Therefore, the goal of this study was the color assessment and enhancement of a driving headlight simulator. For this purpose, this study was conducted in two phases: the process of constructing two color acceptability scales that directly reflect the perception of two different populations (experts and “naive”), and the assessment of a method based on the chromatic adaptation transform (CAT) for reducing the color difference between real and virtual environments. In the first phase, we conducted two psychophysical experiments (i.e., one for each population), in which the observers had to report their degree of satisfaction about the color difference. These two experiments enabled the creation of two acceptability scales for headlight simulation. In the second phase, we compared the performance of different chromatic transformations; as a result of this comparison, we advise the use of the CAT02 transformation, in order to reduce the color difference for headlight assessment in driving simulation experiments. en
dc.description.sponsorship ANRT (Association Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie) and Renault
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dc.publisher SAGE
dc.rights Post-print
dc.subject Color difference en
dc.subject Headlight simulation en
dc.subject Psychophysics en
dc.title Color-difference assessment and enhancement for driving headlight simulation en
dc.identifier.doi 10.1177/0037549716636213
dc.typdoc Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture
dc.localisation Institut de Chalon sur Saône
dc.subject.hal Informatique: Synthèse d'image et réalité virtuelle
dc.subject.hal Informatique: Traitement du signal et de l'image
ensam.audience Internationale 427-435
ensam.journal Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International
ensam.volume 92
ensam.issue 5
ensam.peerReviewing Oui

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