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Le Laboratoire DynFluid (équipe d'accueil EA 92) est un laboratoire en cotutelle Arts et Métiers ParisTech / Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. Il mène des travaux de recherche en Mécanique des fluides, Aérodynamique et Acoustique, avec des applications dans les secteurs aéronautique, automobile et celui des procédés industriels. Il développe des méthodes numériques originales pour simuler des écoulements (le plus souvent en régime compressible) et des phénomènes aéroacoustiques, ou analyser leurs instabilités et il met en œuvre ces méthodes dans le cadre de programmes de recherche nationaux ou internationaux. Le laboratoire collabore également avec de nombreux partenaires industriels et académiques.
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Recent Submissions

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    PICELLA, F; LOISEAU, J.; LUSSEYRAN, f; ROBINET, j; CHERUBINI, s; PASTUR, l (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
    The transition to unsteadiness of a three-dimensional open cavity flow is investigated using the joint application of direct numerical simulations and fully three-dimensional linear stability analyses, providing a clear ...
  • Full Text  
    RAVELET, florent; BAKIR, farid; SARRAF, christophe; WANG, juan (2018)
    In the design procedure of a counter-rotating axial-flow stage, parameters such as the angular velocity ratio and the repartition of the work performed by each rotors are to be chosen. In the present Article, three ...
  • Full Text  
    VELKOVA, Cvetelina; DOBREV, Ivan; TODOROV, Michael; MASSOUH, Fawaz (BulTrans-2012, 2012-09)
    The aim of the computational study is to present different approach for numerical modeling of airfoil dynamic stall as the airfoil is pitched at a constant rate from zero incidences to a high angle of attack. An application ...
  • Full Text  
    COGNET, Vincent; COURRECH DU PONT, Sylvain; DOBREV, Ivan; MASSOUH, Fawaz; THIRIA, Benjamin (Proceedings of The Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, 2017-02-15)
    Wind energy is becoming a significant alternative solution for future energy production. Modern turbines now benefit from engineering expertise, and a large variety of different models exists, depending on the context and ...
  • Full Text  
    NOURA, Belhadj; DOBREV, Ivan; KERFAH, R.; MASSOUH, Fawaz; KHELLADI, Sofiane (2016)
    The wake and the lack of existing velocity behind the wind turbine affect the energy production and the mechanical integrity of wind turbines downstream in the wind farms. This paper presents an investigation of the unsteady ...
  • Full Text  
    FARANO, Mirko; CHERUBINI, Stefania; ROBINET, Jean-Christophe; DE PALMA, Pietro (Cambridge University Press 2017, 2017-03-15)
    Bursts are recurrent, transient, highly energetic events characterized by localized variations of velocity and vorticity in turbulent wall-bounded flows. In this work, a nonlinear energy optimization strategy is employed ...
  • Full Text  
    DANLOS, Amélie; MEHAL, Jean-Elie; SARRAF, Christophe; RAVELET, Florent (2010)
    This paper presents experimental and numerical results concerning the operation of a configuration that includes an axial pump and a bundle of tubes that mimics the cool source of a heat exchanger. The pump used in the ...
  • Full Text  
    BIAU, Damien (Cambridge university press, 2016)
    Oscillatory Stokes flows, with zero mean, are subjected to subcritical transition to turbulence. The maximal energy growth of perturbations is computed in the subcritical regime through an optimisation method. The results ...
  • Full Text  
    SARRAF, Christophe; NOURI, Hussain; RAVELET, Florent; BAKIR, Farid (Elsevier, 2011)
    The purpose of this work is to study the effects of blade thickness on the performances of an axial-flow fan. Two fans that differ only in the thickness of their blades were studied. The first fan was designed to be part of ...
  • Full Text  
    MARIÉ, Simon; GLOERFELT, Xavier (AIAA, 2015-06-22)
    In this study, a new selective ltering technique is proposed for the Lattice Boltzmann Method. This technique is based on dynamical implementation of the selective filter coefficient . The proposed model makes the latter ...
  • Full Text  
    PIROZZOLI, Sergio; BERNARDINI, Matteo; MARIÉ, Simon; GRASSO, Francesco (Cambridge University Press, 2015-08-30)
    Direct numerical simulation of the spatially developing mixing layer issuing from two turbulent streams past a splitter plate is carried out under mild compressibility conditions. The study mainly focuses on the early ...
  • Full Text  
    CHERUBINI, Stefania; DE PALMA, Pietro; ROBINET, Jean-Christophe (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2015-03-31)
    The effect of a constant homogeneous wall suction on the nonlinear transient growth of localized finite amplitude perturbations in a boundary-layer flow is investigated. Using a variational technique, nonlinear optimal ...
  • Full Text  
    CHERUBINI, Stefania; DE PALMA, Pietro (Cambridge University Press, 2015-01-20)
    Transition to turbulence in shear flows is often subcritical, thus the dynamics of the flow strongly depends on the shape and amplitude of the perturbation of the laminar state. In the state space, initial perturbations ...
  • Full Text  
    PUSCAS, Maria Adela; MONASSE, Laurent; ERN, Alexandre; TENAUD, Christian; MARIOTTI, Christian; DARU, Virginie (ELSEVIER, 2015)
    The objective of this work is to present a conservative coupling method between an inviscid compressible fluid and a deformable structure undergoing large displacements. The coupling method combines a cut-cell Finite Volume ...
  • Full Text  
    FARANO, Mirko; CHERUBINI, Stefania; ROBINET, Jean-Christophe; DE PALMA, Pietro (Cambridge University Press, 2015-06-25)
    In this work it is shown that hairpin vortex structures can be the outcome of a nonlinear optimal growth process, in a similar way as streaky structures can be the result of a linear optimal growth mechanism. With this ...
  • Full Text  
    WEDIN, Hakan; CHERUBINI, Stefania; BOTTARO, Alessandro (American Physical Society, 2015-07-20)
    The nonlinear stability of the asymptotic suction boundary layer is studied numerically, searching for finite-amplitude solutions that bifurcate from the laminar flow state. By changing the boundary conditions for disturbances ...
  • Full Text  
    TOMOV, Petar; DANLOS, Amélie; KHELLADI, Sofiane; RAVELET, Florent; SARRAF, Christophe; BAKIR, Farid (IOP sciences conference series, 2015-07-31)
    The fact of injecting bubbles into a cavitating flow influences typical cavitating behavior. Cavitation and aerated cavitation experiments has been carried out on a symmetrical venturi nozzle with convergent/divergent ...
  • Full Text  
    SCIACOVELLI, L.; CINNELLA, Paola (ASME, 2014-02)
    Transonic flows through axial, multi-stage, transcritical ORC turbines, are investigated by using a numerical solver including advanced multiparameter equations of state and a high-order discretization scheme. The working ...
  • Full Text  
    GOMAR, Adrien; BOUVY, Quentin; SICOT, Frédéric; DUFOUR, Guillaume; CINNELLA, Paola; FRANCOIS, Benjamin (Elsevier, 2014-12)
    The convergence of Fourier-based time methods applied to turbomachinery flows is assessed. The focus is on the harmonic balance method, which is a timedomain Fourier-based approach standing as an efficient alternative ...
  • Full Text  
    MERLE, Xavier; CINNELLA, Paola (Elsevier, 2015-02)
    A Bayesian inference methodology is developed for calibrating complex equations of state used in numerical fluid flow solvers. Precisely, the input parameters of three equations of state commonly used for modeling the ...

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