Analysis of Cavitation Instabilities in a Four-Blade Inducer

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dc.description.abstract The cavitating behavior of a four-blade inducer tested in the LML laboratory large test facility is considered in the present paper. Experimental investigations based on unsteady pressure measurements and records from a six-component balance mounted on the inducer shaft are performed. Spectral analysis of the signals enables to detect several characteristic frequencies related to unbalanced two-phase flow patterns. The objective of the present paper is the understanding of the physical phenomena associated to these frequencies. Therefore, wavelet decomposition, flow visualizations, and direct analysis of the high-frequency force, moment, and pressure signals are applied. Results at nominal flow rate only are considered. Not only classical unbalanced cavitation patterns, but also unexpected flow organizations are discussed. en_US
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dc.title Analysis of Cavitation Instabilities in a Four-Blade Inducer en_US
dc.identifier.doi 10.1155/2012/213907
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ensam.journal Analysis of Cavitation Instabilities in a Four-Blade Inducer en_US
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