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A.; PESCI, Rapha/10985hal.etbo"DSproes xtmartedc. ; RUSINEK, Alex/10985hal.etbo"DSproes xtmarteif lta" x/td6T1td 178323Labo"DSpi dud'Etendudis Mvolumtruclinks etr: MMén mensiudis M dc. " name="citatio/10985hal.etbo"DSproes xtmartedc.cont.acceover)ed3:54Z" scheme="DCTERx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.cont.ant="20153:54Z" scheme="DCTERx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.cont.="20113:5atiox/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.cont.otherwted3:54Z" scheme="DCTERx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.tent="10.1.="2n="citatiox/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.tent="10.1.s ole.net/10985/9858" scheme="DCTERx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.c title="DSprl" /> <he martensitic transformation occurring in AISI 304 steel sheets subjected to tension at room temperature has been experimentally studied. Tensile tests performed on AISI 304 specimens are split into two different types; in situ tensile tests and macroscopic tensile tests. The former are conducted mounting the sample in a tensile micromachine originally developed in ENSAM/Metz within the range of strain rates 10-5 s-1≤̇≤10-3 s-1. The latter are performed under static and dynamic conditions of deformation within the range of strain rates 10-3 s-1≤̇≤102 s-1. Using X-rays diffraction technique, in situ tensile tests have allowed measuring the stress of the phases during loading by placing the tensile micromachine under the range of a PROTO goniometer. Additionally, the martensitic transformation has been recorded via mounting the tensile micromachine into a scanning electron microscope. The volume fraction of martensite has been measured in the post mortem specimens, Vα′≈70%. Moreover, the static macroscopic tensile tests, 10-3 s-1≤̇≤10-1 s-1, have been recorded using a high speed infrared camera. It has been proven that martensitic transformation takes place in AISI 304 steel for a temperature increase over ΔT>140K. The macroscopic dynamic tensile tests are performed within the range of strain rates, 1 s-1≤̇≤100 s-1. A considerable amount of martensite has been detected in the post mortem samples, Vα′≈35%. This proves that plastic deformation is the dominant mechanism responsible for the transformation phenomenon in this steel. The free energy supplied by straining the sample relegates to a secondary role the rise in temperature taking place during the course of plastic deformation." xml:lang="en"endc.eta cont.="oendc./head>"citatiodc.opehts;dc.nsion afor a temperatendc.nsion agraphy; Martensitic tendc.nsion ansformation; X-rays diffraendc.nsion aion technique, in endc.nsion amechanics" name="citatioendc./> "dy on the martensitic transformation in AISI 304 steel sheets subjected to tension under wide ranges of strain rate at room temperature en/10985hal.idhal-:3a87246*/10985hal.pic uoat="20*dc.tent="10.1.dooT1a8NSAM/lrg/1999dx.doo" lang011.04.030" /> g011.04.030" /> dc./ypdocffoicxtC m AIudis sevuls ed efmitér: Mape.inkx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1tr dc.lo="v ="DSmnt=nkr: MMrandc.nsion a5halngénieur: Matériaux" /> /10985atestniegr aartensk/10985pont5974-5982/10985jc densns ials ngénienditiEned ee of A/10985 of ma52Rx/td6T1td /" x/tr6T1/tmart" xh2 p://apo="RUSm.org/1999/xhtcripn.xmic d" lano="/RUSm/" p://apo=".org/1999/xhtcripn.xmic d" lano="/nk rel="p://apRUSm.org/1999/xhtml" lan2005/AUSm">Fixmier(s)mount/> uespocemed /headc ="DS a6T11:48T1span8Nom:e>Epanf lspan8p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> Epanf lt1:4" x1:4>T1span8Tm lle:e>Epanf lspan8p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> 2.579Moe>Epanf lt1:4" x1:4tp://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> FI 304:e>Epanf lspan8p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> PDFe>Epanf lt1:4" x/1:4" x1:48p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> T1a8NSAM/li/9858/1/LE58" name="citatiooG_2011_PESCI.pdf" name="citatio?sequtnie=1& to;isAg the =g"6Vpi / mnmed /headc ="DS fige dum AIule(xtC) labo"DSpi d(s)msuivesp(s) Labo"DSpi dud'Etendudis Mvolumtruclinks etr: MMén mensiudis M T1a8NSAM/li58" name="citation>Affii18 la no teupabrériaelta" x/p" x/1:4" x1:48p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> _Rt="PedItles_1:4_icsm-rt="Ped-er" m t.1016head xds-pic te-1:4"" xm116head xds-1:4- IE ">Itles liés rh1" x1:48p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> _Rt="PedItles_1:4_icsm-rt="Ped" re, aut" /, créat" / etrsujet.x/p6T1ul8p://apache.org/cocoon/i18n/2.1"> <-v m"6T1ent Ex maMsevcona URL: "> T1a8NSAM/li58" name="cita620#ft"6T1img /> <-c title="DS"" x1:48 <- conte>T1a8NSAM/li58" name="cita620"tudy on the mahttp> < on ="DSc tensodellof uring lartens-intension." xbehavic d at roectesheets sue of ststrain rate at room temperature <-in t="tspan8" name="citatio"EZ, J. A.; PESCI, Raoséha; RUSINEK, AlexCAPELLE Raulien