Usinage grande vitesse avec maîtrise globale du procédé appliqué aux matériaux difficiles et surfaces complexes. Usinage et mise en forme du bois. Traitements superficiels et optimisation des matériaux et alliages.
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  • Communication avec acte
    AOUADI, K.; ccBESNARD, Aurélien; ccNOUVEAU, Corinne; ccMONTAGNE, Alex; TLILI, B.; NAAMANE, S. (Springer Nature Switzerland, 2023-09-13)
    In this study, CrN/CrAlN multilayer coating with different periods (Ʌ = 1, 2, 3, 4) were deposited on stainless steel (90CrMoV8) and silicon Si (100) samples by DC magnetron sputtering. The results obtained exhibited ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    LI, Xiaolin; ccPOT, Guillaume; NGO, Phuc; ccVIGUIER, Joffrey; PENVERN, Hélène (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2023-09-13)
    This paper addresses the problem of timber board positioning within the log where they were sawn from. The method takes as input log and board end cross-section images. It uses a two-step image matching method based on ...
  • Communication avec acte
    ccBOIVIN, Juliette; ccDENAUD, Louis; ccGIRARDON, Stéphane; TEYSSIEUX, Damien; ccFROEHLY, Luc (ICEM20, 2023-07-02)
    Wood is a multi-structural material with properties depending on its growing conditions. This variability is considered in industry through different non-destructive testing methods. Among them, the use of lasers to detect ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    BELIARDOUH, Nasser Eddine; RAMOUL, Chems Eddine; ccNOUVEAU, Corinne; ccKALELI, Emrullah Hakan; ccMONTAGNE, Alex (Elsevier BV, 2022-03-19)
    Multilayer thin coatings (~3 µm in thickness) were deposited using reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering on Ti-6Al-4 V substrate for biomaterial applications. Films are a combination of hard zirconium nitride with ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    ccRAMOUL, Chems Eddine; ccNOUVEAU, Corinne; BELIARDOUH, Nasser Eddine; ccKALELI, Emrullah Hakan; ccOURDJINI, Ali; ccGHELLOUDJ, Oualid; ccDEMİRTAŞ, SELMAN; ccGHARBI, Amel; BOUZID, Kheireddine (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022-08-01)
    This work investigated the tribological performance of (Ta/ZrN)n multilayer coatings against ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material. Three multilayer coatings with different designs were deposited on ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    BHADRAIAH, D.; ccNOUVEAU, Corinne; RAM MOHAN RAO, K. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022-01-12)
    In the plasma ionic environment of nitrogen and hydrogen at 4:1 ratio, nitriding had been realized in the plasma laboratory. Nitriding of steel samples was followed at the lower temperature of 450 C and also at the ...
  • Communication avec acte
    MARC, Caroline; ccMARCON, Bertrand; ccDENAUD, Louis; ccGIRARDON, Stéphane; BUTAUD, Jean-Claude (J.F. Silva Gomes, 2023-07-03)
    To use wood as a structural element in vehicles, it is necessary to measure its physical properties locally in order to deduce its mechanical behaviour. Density is one of the characteristics that influences the most the ...

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