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  • LI, Bo; SEGONDS, Frédéric; MATEEV, Céline; LOU, Ruding; MERIENNE, Frédéric (Elsevier BV, 2018)
    The current trend of product design leads to a change in the collaborative working style. To find the most efficient way to exchange information on the digital mock-up of a product, a synchronous co-located collaborative ...
  • LASSAGNE, Antoine; KEMENY, Andras; POSSELT, Javier; MERIENNE, Frederic (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-01-01)
    This article presents a comparison of different haptic systems, which are designed to simulate flat Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) like touchscreens in virtual environments (VEs) such as CAVEs, and their respective ...
  • TARNG, Stanley; ERFANIAN, Aida; HU, Yaoping; MERIENNE, Frederic (IEEE, 2018-05-09)
    In a three-dimensional (3D) virtual environment (VE), proper collaboration between vibrotactile and force cues - two cues of the haptic modality - is important to facilitate task performance of human users. Many studies ...
  • PRUVOST, Martin; MIALOCQ, Pierre; ABABSA, Fakhreddine (2018)
    This paper presents an AR system architecture for assisting complex assembly work by adding visual information superimposed on the physical assembly parts.
  • COLOMBET, Florent; FANG, Zhou; KEMENY, Andras (DSC, 2015)
    Tilt coordination technique is used for reproducing a sustained linear acceleration in driving simulation by tilting the simulator cabin. Thus a part of gravity is interpreted as a horizontal acceleration. Between the slow ...
  • LHOSPITALIER, Sylvie; BOURGES, Philippe; BERT, Alexandre; QUESADA, Jean; LAMBERTIN, Michel (Laser Institute of America, 1999)
    The work in this article deals with the measurement of temperature fields inside and near the weld pool during laser welding. The laser source used for this study is a 7.5 kW CO2 laser, and the welded material is a UNS ...
  • SOUZA, Carolina A; PIGOZZO, Raphael J. B.; SILVA, Fernanda B; HORTA ARDUIN, Rachel; OLIVEIRA, Luciana A; TEIXEIRA, Claudia E (Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia, 2017)
    Este trabalho teve como objetivo desenvolver o inventário de ciclo de vida para madeira empregada na estrutura de telhado de edificações populares do Estado de São Paulo, com base na adaptação de inventários existentes ...

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