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  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    ccURIBE, David; ccBAUDOUIN, Cyrille; ccDURAND, Camille; ccBIGOT, Regis (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2023-12)
    In the realm of forging processes, the challenge of real-time process control amid inherent variabilities is prominent. To tackle this challenge, this article introduces a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)-based ...
  • Communication avec acte
    MINDER, Eloïse; ccCHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy (Jean-Marie Normand and Maki Sugimoto and Veronica Sundstedt, 2023-12-06)
    Past studies have shown that virtual reality (VR) is an advantageous medium to learn or train in various situations over traditional methods. Virtual environments are usually modeled and implemented to be representative ...
  • Communication avec acte
    WANG, Yuyang; CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; MERIENNE, Frédéric (Springer Nature Singapore, 2023-11-26)
    It is well known that locomotion-dominated navigation tasks may highly provoke cybersickness effects. Past research has proposed numerous approaches to tackle this issue based on offline considerations. In this work, a ...
  • Communication avec acte
    MAYER, Anjela; KASTNER, Kevin; REICHWALD, Julian; CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; ccOVTCHAROVA, Jivka (IEEE, 2023-08-02)
    Virtual education is gaining prominence, providing opportunities for dynamic interactive content, such as Digital Twins, and novel collaboration modalities, including options for remote classrooms. In this work, we present ...
  • Communication avec acte
    LI, Ruichen; WANG, Yuyang; YIN, Handi; ccCHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; HUI, Pan (2023-10-16)
    Users would experience individually different sickness symptoms during or after navigating through an immersive virtual environment, generally known as cybersickness. Previous studies have predicted the severity of ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    PIQUARD, Romain; D’ACUNTO, Alain; FONTAINE, Michaël; THIBAUD, Sébastien; GILBIN, Alexandre; LE COZ, Gaël (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2023-11)
    Micro-cutting is characterised by undeformed chip thicknesses in the micron range. This range leaves little choice of in situ observation techniques. One solution is therefore to observe these zones a posteriori after the ...
  • Communication avec acte
    BATAILLE, Guillaume; LAMMINI, Abdelhadi; CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy (2023-10-16)
    Collaborative Augmented Reality (CAR) offers disruptive ways for people to collaborate. However, this emerging technology must improve its acceptance, efficiency, and usability to scale up and, for example, support augmented ...

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