Le LISPEN met en synergie les compétences d’enseignants-chercheurs des campus d’Aix-en- Provence de Cluny (Institut Image à Chalon sur Saône) et de Lille autour de la maîtrise du développement et l’exploitation des systèmes dynamiques multi-physiques et virtuels pour l’Industrie du Futur. Les thématiques de recherche traitent de l’Ingénierie Système & Maquette numérique, la Simulation et le Contrôle des systèmes, l’Interaction Homme-Système et l’Aide à la décision.

Recent Submissions

  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    MACKENZIE, Jamie; DUTSCHKE, Jeffrey; DI LORETO, Cédric; FORREST, Matthew; VAN DEN BERG, Andrew; MERIENNE, Frédéric; CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy; SANDOZ, Baptiste (SAE International, 2022-03-28)
    Whiplash injuries resulting from vehicle collisions are still a significant socio-economic issue across the world. Years of research has resulted in the development of injury criteria, restraint systems and a deeper ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    ALMASRI, Waad; DANGLADE, Florence; BETTEBGHOR, Dimitri; ADJED, Faouzi; ABABSA, Fakhreddine (Elsevier BV, 2022-06-21)
    This paper investigates the potential of Deep Learning (DL) for data-driven topology optimization (TO). Unlike the rest of the literature that mainly applies DL to TO from a mechanical perspective, we developed an original ...
  • Communication avec acte
    LOU, Ruding (The Eurographics Association, 2022-04-29)
    Today virtual reality technologies is becoming more and more widespread and has found strong applications in various domains. However, the fear to experience motion sickness is still an important barrier for VR users. ...
  • Communication avec acte
    QIAN, Yang; XIONG, YingQiu; WANG, Yuyang; JIANG, Yuanchun; LIU, Yezheng; CHAI, Yidong (IEEE, 2022-03-12)
    These are a series of online platforms that allow users to rate and comment on VR virtual reality applications. In this paper, we develop a topic model, namely the general and sparse topic model, that automatically identifies ...
  • Communication avec acte
    DUBREUIL, Shannon; GRILLET, Valentin; LAURENT, Nicolas; LING, Jennifer; MINDER, Eloise; SALIOU, Tristan; VILLAFRANCA, Alice; CHARDONNET, Jean-Rémy (IEEE, 2022-03-12)
    For the 2022 IEEE VR 3DUI contest on the topic of “Arts, Science, Information and Knowledge - visualization and interactions”, we present Artana, an immersive application proposing to explore anamorphosis in various ...
  • Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture
    DANGLADE, Florence; GUILLET, Christophe (CAD Solutions, LLC, 2022)
    Virtual reality and augmented reality (V/AR) are powerful techniques for training, assistance, or supporting activities in the industry. However, the deployment of V/AR techniques in the industry is held back by various ...
  • Communication sans acte
    DOUGIER, Nathanael; GARAMBOIS, Pierre; GOMAND, Julien; ROUCOULES, Lionel (2021)
    Energy systems, on which our modern society rely, are in constant transformation. Technological evolution, climate change or the finitude of fossil fuels are some reasons to rethink the centralized, carbon-based energy ...

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